Building Policy

Only specific builder-empowered characters are allowed to use the @dig command to create rooms. To get permission to dig your own lodgings, place a job request indicating what sort of real estate you want to acquire and how you intend to pay for it. Details on how to design a stronghold or other base of operations are covered under the building house rules. Once your property request is approved, you'll be given a builder bit and a room off the building nexus. Once the place is complete, you can @mail *staff for inspection and staff will look it over and link it to the grid.

Those unfamiliar with @dig, @open, @link and other building commands are recommended to check out one of the numerous guides on the net to MUSH building. It's really a very simple business, and anyone who can master the use of @dig, @open, @link, and the exit message commands can easily fashion their own home.

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