Holding Soldiers

Soldiers for a given household need ordinary barracks, kitchen, and bathing space, and also require armory support. If those are provided, however, the soldiers will serve loyally and obediently under any reasonable combat circumstances. Hiring soldiers requires a one-time payment to represent ongoing employment costs and spare the annoyance of monthly maintenance payments. Soldiers will fight as ordered and will maintain generally good morale provided that they're not thrown into hopeless battles. These soldiers are distinctly loyal to their paymasters, and will even oppose Xianese troops if they think they can win- and avoid any grim consequences from winning.

Statistics can be lifted from the NPC wiki page.

Soldier, Archers are bowmen, skilled and experienced in their trade. They commonly wear leather armor and carry a dagger as a sidearm, but rely chiefly on their bows for effectiveness. They make superb defensive troops during sieges, but perhaps lack a little something in mobility.

Soldier, Artilleryman are engineers with expertise in using siege engines such as catapults, ballistae, and the like. Any fortress equipped with these engines of war will need artillerymen to man them. They wear leather armor and carry hand axes, but aren't normally expected to get anywhere near the front line.

Soldier, Footman represent the Poor Bloody Infantry of Xianese custom. Equipped with boiled leather armor, a shortspear, and a heavy shield, they're trained to fight in formation and coordinate with the other branches of the army.

Soldier, Cavalryman are those fortunates who possess not only a light warhorse, but a chain hauberk, javelins and a trusty lance for charging attacks. They're the fast, mobile, hard-hitting troops that generally come around to smash the goblinoid flank while the footmen pin them. They're also trained in performing wheeling attacks to needle an enemy before retreating out of range.

Soldier, Officer represents the hard-bitten veteran of many goblin battles. He's equipped with chain armor, heavy shield, a spear, and an astonishing range of curses. While an impressive combatant in his own right, he's rare chiefly for his ability to lead men and convince them to do things that are apt to get them all killed. A military group without sufficient officers is likely to turn tail if fighting gets too hot. The exact number depends on the degree of challenge, but one per fifty is generally considered a good minimum.

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