Holding Experts

Certain types of minions are possessed of rare or specific skills beyond what can commonly be found in the Xianese labor market. Farmers, soldiers, house servants, and other common folk are widely employed and rarely require special handling. Only stewards, courtesans, and military officers require anything more than a bunk and a bowl of morning rice. Experts, on the other hand, require more sophisticated support. Priests will take lodgings in an appropriate temple building component, but other experts require their own bedroom for an office/laboratory/record center.

Note that all of the experts listed below will use their spells and other abilities at-cost for their employer. Spellcasters will cast spells for no more than foci or material component costs, spies will use their skills without special cost, and all of them will run reasonable combat risks. They won't stand and face clearly overwhelming odds, but they'll fight any foe they can reasonably hope to overcome.

House Wizards are arcanists trained in practical ritual usage and minor magics. While they lack the combat spells or adventuring expertise of a true wizard, they can cast rituals and are treated as having trained Arcana and History skills at +10 each. They can cast wizard cantrips at will and perform up to 4th level rituals. They come with tomes of the following rituals: Make Whole, Comprehend Languages, Magic Mouth, Gentle Repose, Eye of Alarm, Arcane Lock, Hand of Fate, and Knock. By long practice and expertise, these rituals cost them no money to use, though other rituals they may be bought or shown require normal prices. House wizards lack the necessary talents to learn how to enchant magical items; if they did, they'd have joined the Academy and not have to go hire out as a house wizard. House wizards are no more talented or durable in combat than any ordinary Xianese commoner.

House Priests are qualified clergy of whatever creed or faith the employer is looking for. They accept lodging in any temple-type building component in lieu of a personal room, and count as clergy for activating temple powers. They're treated as commoners for combat purposes, but have training in Religion and Heal at a +10 bonus. They have limited ritual training, and are capable of casting Gentle Repose and Cure Disease at normal ritual ingredient costs, though they cannot learn other rituals.

Spies are shady sorts talented in the acquisition and verification of useful bits of knowledge. They have no real combat talents, but they're assumed to be trained in Stealth, Streetwise, Insight, Perception, Thievery, Bluff, and the speaking of all local human languages on Ektau. Their skill bonii are assumed to be at +10. While they don't possess any specially useful contacts, they're generally quite skilled at fetching any information that isn't being actively guarded by competent counterintelligence specialists. They're also talented at identifying any new hires who might be moles for an enemy group.

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