Library Components

Library components consist of rooms filled with shelves of scrolls, books, and Xianese-styled codexes of woven silk strips and bamboo. Petty libraries tend to be a single small room with no more than forty or fifty books, as printing presses don't exist in Xian. Even the greatest of grand libraries rarely consists of more than a thousand volumes, and a library of such magnitude would be considered remarkable. The library grants a +2 item bonus to any skill check related to researching information, provided the owner can plausibly explain how the library helps their research.

Petty libraries allow for a +2 item bonus on library skill checks, including rituals performed by the owner of the library when they have free access to it. This generally includes rituals they perform at home. It definitely does not include rituals performed elsewhere.

Common libraries grant a bonus as per a petty library. They also allow a reroll of a library skill once per RL week, and permit the owner to choose the higher roll.

Grand libraries are as per common libraries, but are treated as a +3 item bonus and also allow the use of a nonmagical equivalent of a Consult Mystic Sages ritual once per RL week.

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