Laboratory Component

Laboratory components consist of the musty workrooms, rows of arcane components, and impractical-looking glassworks that are to be expected of a wizard's workshop. Size varies depending on the elaboration of the facilities. Petty laboratories tend to be no more than a room or two, while great ones can consume multiple floors of a building. Most have basic locks, but creature prison areas, shielded vaults, and more elaborate measures don't come standard.

Petty laboratories allow the owner to treat his or her level as 1 higher when crafting items of any two slot types, such as armor, weapons, wrist, neck, hand… et cetera. It is not possible to buy multiple petty laboratories. They can be upgraded to basic, however.

Basic laboratories function much the same as petty laboratories, but allow the 1 level bonus to all item crafting. Possession of at least a basic laboratory is necessary in order to design new rituals.

Grand laboratories permit +2 effective levels for crafting one type of item, and otherwise are treated as a basic laboratory.

An owner can only use one laboratory at a time.

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