Housing Components

Housing components are at the heart of what makes up a holding. Without housing for your occupants, it tends to get a trifle uncomfortable during the winter rainy season or summer heat. Each individual housing component might represent a small cottage or hut, or might be attached to a larger structure. Precise descriptions and dimensions are left to whatever seems reasonable for the number of people accommodated and the level of accommodations provided. Bedrooms can be freely upgraded to private chambers at the usual difference in cost.

Bedrooms are the basic building block for the more respectable residents of a place. They provide private rooms and storage for one person, in a level of luxury varying with the quality of the bedroom. Common-grade bedrooms are comfortable and fairly spacious, with DC 20 locks on the doors and plain but well-fashioned furnishings. Ruler-grade bedrooms are far more finely appointed, fit for a daifu and with DC 25 locks on the doors and private closets. Frescoes and carved artwork are common in such rooms. Royal-grade bedrooms are suitable for lodging the Mandarin overnight, with DC 30 locks and integrated permanent wards. Every wall and window is treated as if it had a hardness of 20 and 50 hit points, if not already greater, and a permanent caster level 10 Alarm effect can be armed to trigger if anyone other than the current occupants enters the room. Attempts to scry within the room are at +5 difficulty, and unless the check is made by 10 or more, a warning chime sounds within the room to alert the occupants to the unwanted eavesdropping.

Private chambers are more elaborate versions of bedrooms- while the former provides a single multipurpose sleeping and living area, private chambers allow for multiple rooms for one person. Common private chambers usually have a bedroom, a study, a parlor, and a storeroom as part of the suite, though precise functions might vary depending on the owner's taste. All locks are DC 20. Furnishings are simple but well-fashioned and the degree of room and privacy allowed is uncommon to most. Ruler-grade private chambers are beautifully appointed in every way, with DC 25 locks and a trio of trustworthy ordinary servants included to tend to the rooms and keep watch against intruders. Royal-grade private chambers have all the benefits of royal bedrooms, and are also imbued with powerful enchantments to protect the owner from assassination. Teleporting into the chambers is impossible, the walls are considered solid barriers for purposes of ethereal and shadow plane travel, and the blessing of the gods worked into the mortar grants the owner or any recognized guest a 50% chance of being completely unharmed by any attack or hostile magic launched from within the chambers. Once this blessing has functioned once for a given person, it will not function again for 24 hours.

Barracks are a catchall term for servant quarters and military barracks alike. They don't provide private quarters for their occupants, but are usually a matter of bunk beds and footlockers, or small rooms for married couples and their families. While its possible for an owner to live in a barracks-grade accommodation, there's very little security for their belongings and it can be a sore trial of a servant's faithfulness to have such valuables so constantly near to hand. The servants of guests can be put up in barracks, but it's considered highly poor form for important guests to be lodged in such humble surroundings. Important estate personnel such as officers, stewards and courtesans generally expect to have bedroom space, as it's difficult for them to perform their duties without some sort of private room for an office.

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