Barbarians are the raw, untutored warriors of rough native settlements and goblinoid raiding bands. Men and women aren't trained as barbarians, it's just what they are. Most of the barbarians in Xian come from the hill country settlements west of the city, where the villagers live scarcely better than the goblins that raid them. The Northwall Range in particular is apt to produce a breed of warrior intimately familiar with the wilderness. Others are rovers from other islands entirely, venturing over the sea to find something worth their muscle and their battle fury. Within the city, few bother to distinguish them from more sophisticated fighters. On the good side, this means that they're rarely scorned for their nature. On the bad side, most warriors get little respect in the first place.

Barbarians differ chiefly from fighters in that they are prone to fits of explosive battle-fury, falling into murderous rages that grant them enormous strength and toughness at the cost of a measure of defense. These rages usually last long enough to dispatch immediate foes, but they leave the warrior wearied until he has time to rest. Experienced berserkers know how to time their self-induced furies so as to leave them most lethal when the moment most demands it.

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