Background PCs

Background PCs differ from Adventuring PCs in that they're meant for light roleplay and casual interactions rather than great deeds of heroism or derring-do. Unlike Adventuring PCs, they do not have +sheets or other statistics, possessing only a character background and a description. They are not meant for adventuring, but instead the kind of domestic or social RP that doesn't necessarily require a full panoply of stats and adventuring professionalism. Example background PCs might include barkeeps, concubines, beggars, drunks, fences, apprentices, harlots, or husbands.

Background PCs are assumed to be competent at their trade, but not possessed of any unique talent, wealth, or authority. They are never possessed of any useful magical talents, with apprentices or acolytes lacking any useful spellcasting abilities. Soldiers might know how to use a sword, but they're no match for a real fighter, and urchins might know a thing or two about sneaking around, but a real rogue outdoes them every time. What abilities they do have are meant for scene flavor and roleplay rather than actually accomplishing important tasks. In any conflict, an Adventuring PC will always end up trumping a background PC.

Background PCs aren't meant for Player-Run Plots that involve danger or adventurous pastimes. Any experience they do earn via XP votes or plot running can be transferred to the player's adventuring PC at full value. Background PCs are not susceptible to death unless they're foolish enough to actually intentionally hang around a dangerous situation- otherwise they always have the option of fleeing or being overlooked until after the dreadful fighting is over. Any great wealth or valuables that they are given tend to go astray or otherwise be lost, as it's not intended that background PCs become exceptionally wealthy or powerful in the game. They can never give money or other consequential help to an adventuring PC beyond the bounds of ordinary light roleplay.

Players can have up to three background PCs at any time. As background PCs by definition cannot help or hinder an adventuring PC, there's no rule against having them interact with each other or with adventuring PCs. A background PC might possibly become an adventuring PC if the player has a slot available, but it would require an exceptionally good explanation as to why they've finally acquired the skills of a real adventurer.

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