Every player is allowed a total of five characters. You may have up to two Adventuring PCs and three Background PCs. Adventuring PCs are not permitted to have any dealings with your other adventuring PCs. Your two adventuring PCs cannot belong to the same faction or organization, they can't help or hinder each other, and should in general be played with absolutely no contact between them. Please read their wiki page for a full list of limitations.

Background PCs are intended more for flavor and light RP. As background PCs are by definition unable to help or hinder other PCs, there's no rule against involving them with each other. Still, the spirit of the rules should be observed and a background PC should not make any meaningful difference to the condition of an adventuring PC alt. The Background PCs wiki page gives a full description of their limits.

If a player has a character reach level 5, they gain an additional alt adventurer slot, as also at level 10, 15, and so forth. They retain this slot even if they drop the high-level PC.

Finally, all players are allowed to have a PC that's beneath fifth level, even if this puts them over the alt limit. If this PC eventually hits 5th level, they can continue playing it as normal and can also create a new 1st level PC.

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