Adventuring PCs

Two kinds of player characters are recognized on Red Tides MUX- Adventuring PCs and Background PCs. Adventuring PCs are those characters intended for fame and glory, adventurous souls equipped for daring deeds of heroism or poor judgment. As such, they have all the statistics and full sheet belonging to any D20 System character. They have a character class and can progress in power and experience. They can also face sudden and unfortunate death should they overestimate their capabilities or good luck.

Players are allowed two adventuring PCs on the MUX at any one time. These characters use all the regular D20 System rules and can take part in Player-Run Plots. They gain experience points normally and upon permanent death or retirement can be replaced with an adventuring PC of two less levels than the expired or retired character. A character's cohort may be selected as a replacement for the dead character, and some reasonable proportion of the PC's wealth can be allowed as the cohort's inheritance if that is the case, to be decided by staff.

A character's adventuring PCs should never come in contact with each other- they cannot trade goods, belong to the same factions, or have anything else to do with each other beyond casual nods in the street.

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